Friday, September 09, 2005

China, Here I come!

The visa application is in, the Embassy was expecting me (thanks BASF) and I collect my entry ticket on Friday next week. We are off on 25 September.

In addition to writing for European Chemical News, my main day job, I'll be filling for ICIS news, the online service that my employer operates and I'll be trying to blog. This rather assumes that jet lag works in my favour and I've got bursts of insomnia to fill. I'll be reactivating my other self and duplicating filings to just in case there are access problems with Bizbuzzmedia. Belt and Braces really.

Among the more interesting things happening in the line were: a woman reading phrenology, and a pair of professional visa collectors who decided that the Chinese Embassy was busier now than at "any time the past five years, John". Clearly China's economy is booming.

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